Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thoughts From Work

And so here I am at work on a Saturday afternoon. I really don’t like working Saturdays because they’re generally really slow and boring. Most people are used to banks closing at either noon or 3, so after 3 pm we slow way down. We might get a little bit of a spike around 6 and there’s always one person that comes in right at 7. But other than that, the afternoons are soooo boring.

So why is it that some people feel they have to fill in every line of a transaction ticket with zeros. You can save yourself the time and just leave it blank. We do know what it means, believe it or not.

And seriously, don’t act like you’re all smart when it is so painfully obvious that you’re not! And don’t you dare tell me that I messed up! I can not mess up when I’m only doing as YOU, f*ing retard, told me to do. I wish we could fine people for stupidity.

When I ask you “What can I do for you?” the answer is not, “Give me a million dollars.” The best answer I’ve gotten to that question is “Kill my husband. Or take him home.” I replied, “Sorry, I already have one.” And the member answered, “Can we trade?” And I just smiled. It was an odd exchange.

Don’t blame me for wasting your time when I told you from the beginning that this was going to take 10-15 minutes. Plus, why open an account just to cash a check when you can wait until Monday and go cash it with the bank that it’s drawn off of. I didn’t waste your time, you wasted mine.

Women should not burp. It is just wrong.

This was written while I was at work, while it was happening. I should do this more often.