Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Video Blog: Bullying

Please visit StopBullying for more information about what you can do in your communities and schools or with your kids to stop bullying. Thanks to my sister Carrie for directing me to this link.
This one is a bit longer than the last one and I'm still working on my editing skills, so I apologize for any jumpiness. But please tell me what you think about the subject, the video, whatever. I love comments!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Interesting Blog About Boring People

Today’s post is brought to you by Daniel. I’m allowing him to do this because his view on the world is often times way more interesting than mine. Enjoy!

So I decided to write a blog. And since my wife already has one, I figured I’d occasionally post on hers. I got this idea from a coworker of mine a while back. You see, I am an accountant. I work with numbers, financials, tax returns, and Medicare cost reports. My wife, who recently became a stay at home mom, worked at a credit union as a teller, receptionist and then a loan interviewer, the usual credit union stuff. So my coworker comes to me one day and says, “So you’re an accountant and your wife works at a credit union….You guys must have very boring dinner conversations. “ I thought about it. At first I thought yea I guess it could be boring to some people, and then I thought naaahh! So I decided to write a blog.

This is the interesting blog about boring people. At least I hope it’s interesting. If not well sorry I can’t please you all. The truth of the matter is there are people like me in the world that for some reason or another love to put numbers in the right places, total them up and call it accounting. Most people think we accountants are nuts. I hear it all the time, “How can you look at numbers all day?” I just smile and say, “Well as soon as you’re done with your sudoku puzzle I’ll tell you.”

The real secret is…and I really shouldn’t be telling you this. It’s kind of the big kept secret of accounting. *shifty eyes to make sure no ones watching* *whispers*The big secret of accounting is that it’s EASY!!! Oop’s did I say that too loud? Really though, accounting is so incredibly simple and pays so incredibly well it’s a wonder more people don’t do it.

I can still remember my first accounting class. I was scared to death because the greatest irony of my accounting career is that I hate, with a passion, hate math. Crazy right? An accounting guy who hates math. So I show up to class and my teacher looks over the class and asks, “So who can tell me what is a debit and what is a credit?” I’m looking at the class thinking I’ll just let you hash it out and wait for him to give me the right answer.

The class on the other hand was hilarious. They went on about banking and some complex theory about how credits were some illustrious thing in a bank account that never happened except when the stars aligned in a perfect pathagramatic formation on the weekends during the full and new moons and only if the job gods were smiling down upon you. Debit’s were like weeds forever growing and sprouting up everywhere swallowing what precious credits you happened to acquire on rare occasions.

My teacher in his ingenious way, said, “Ok I want you to forget all that. The only thing you need to remember is. A debit is a place on the left side and a credit is a place on the right side.” I was boggled. That’s it!!??!?! That’s all I need to know. Really!!! That was the beginning of my love for accounting.

So now I’m blogging about what I find interesting in the boring life of an accountant, a stay at home mom and the craziness we call life. I hope I made you smile.

That is all I will turn this over to my lovely editor and chief who will edit it, hack it all to pieces and put it back together as a lovely piece of art.