Monday, February 1, 2010

Budget Cuts

So, in an attempt to cut down on our monthly expenses, Daniel and I have cut the texting out of our cell phone plan. I was seriously tired of paying $100 a month for 700 minutes and unlimited texting when we hardly use an "unlimited" amount of texts.

We thought about just doing like a 250 text plan, but then we figured that we really could live without texting all together. Because, believe it or not, there was a time when we all had cell phones, but there was no texting. And somehow, we survived. Heck, my parents have had cells for years and never once texted, and they manage just fine.

Besides, texting is way impersonal and sometimes unprofessional. It's like we've become afraid to actually talk to people. Does the sound of a human voice frighten us now because we're so used to seeing our conversations in text form? I've seen people have full-out conversations via text that would take half the time to say if they just used the phone to do what a phone is supposed to do, and call the person.

Not to mention the whole, texting-while-driving-thing. If we all would just stop texting in general, we would find a lot less accidents on the road. It's one thing to be talking on your phone while driving, but people that text while they drive deserve a special place in Hell for their stupidity. But that's just me, being heavily influenced by Oprah... :P

Anyway, so Daniel and I cut the texting and now we'll be saving ourselves somewhere between $30-40 a month. It's a beautiful thing.