Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Blog Theme!!

So I was reading a very interesting article in this month’s issue of Writer’s Digest [] (they don't have the particular article on their website yet, but here's the website) about blogging and how to make it more successful. And it gave me some ideas of things I could do with this blog.

In the past I have just treated this blog as an online, public journal of shorts. It was very boring for the most part and the posts that got the most comments were ones with funny stories and such, like Daniel’s post “Fly Wars” [] Most blogs have a theme of some sort and I decided that mine needed one too. But what could I write about that would be different/interesting compare to everyone else’s? I already have a blog for just writing, as sadly unkempt as that is, so I needed something that truly reflects me.

Thus, I made a list of things that describe me, what I am. Here is that list,

I am:

o A wife

o A working mom

o A Mormon (LDS)

o A writer

o Southern born and raised

o NOT a Utard

Upon looking at this list it dawned on me that I have a lot to write about. I have a lot to say and a lot of opinions that I can share. And maybe, just maybe, there are others like me who view the world in a similar way. I’ve always prided myself on being different, but sometimes, being different can be kind of lonely. So I’m hoping that in this way I can find and connect to others that, despite what cultural boundaries one was raised in or lives in currently, look at things from outside the box.

The name of this blog is still going to be Kricket’s Konfessions (did you know that confessions spelled with a “K” is actually how it’s spelled in German? I didn’t know that until after naming this blog), because I have finally found what it is I want to confess. And I will now be posting on a regular basis; I’m thinking every Tuesday and Thursday. And maybe on Saturdays, just depends on what I have to talk about.

So I hope y’all will enjoy this as much as I and please feel free to comment and tell me what you think! :)