Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm Not Dead

Hello dear readers! I know, I've been gone for a while. It's my own fault really and I'm sorry. You see, my laptop and I got in a little fight. He did something really stupid, I got mad and then he had to go away for a couple weeks. It was a rough time for both of us, but I think our relationship is stronger for it now.

He knows to do what he's freaking told and I know to be nicer to him. He's a lot more fragile than he looks. ;)

Anyway! Not much has been going on in the Kricket household. Still working on potty training the Toddler. Some days are better than others, but overall, he's getting better at it. Baby is everywhere now. He's really fast and gets into everything. He can now say "Mama!" and "Dada!" and he still doesn't have any teeth.

Other than that, my life has been pretty boring. I've got a couple topics I'd like to cover in the next couple weeks and a book review that will pop up soon on the Writing Blog. So look forward to those.

Until then, have a happy Wednesday and thanks for reading!