Thursday, January 5, 2012

'Tis 2012

I meant to update this at the beginning of the week, but you know, life and all that. :)

So it's a new year, yay!  At the beginning of every new year I do this huge thing in my journal where I go through the past years entries and sum it all up.  I won't do that here, since a lot of it is personal, but 2011 was a busy year.

I quit my job and became a stay-at-home-mom.  We bought a new car.  I wrote a novel and started a second one.  We moved to Denver and found out I was pregnant and having a another little boy this spring.

This new year should be eventful, what with a new baby and all of that.

And now, in honor of the new year, I'll tell y'all some of my New Years resolutions.

Kristen's 2012 New Year Resolutions

  • Work on getting out of debt.  Daniel and I have been wanting to get better control of our finances for a while and now we're super dedicated to getting it done.
  • Be better at using my time wisely and being more productive.  Got some great tips and help from this book that I reviewed awhile back .
  • Go to the Temple at least once a month.  I've had an excuse the last couple months not to go because of being sick and then the Denver Temple was closed for a while for cleaning and maintenance.  But no more excuses! :)
  • Update blogs at least once a week.  Seriously, I'm going to really try on this one. ;)
I also have some writing goals, but I'll talk about that on my writing blog.

So I hope you're new year has been good so far, although we are only 5 days in. :)  Happy Thursday!